Rapid Microbial Detection Milliflex Quantum.

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automated plate and tube filler
For automated filling of Petri dishes and test tubes, the INTEGRA MEDIAJET can be used with virtually any brand, size or shape of plate with optimized media level saving money on costs.
Bio-Rad offer a complete range of chromogenic media for foodborne pathogens and quality indicators - methods have been optimized to simplify workflow and significantly reduce time to result.
GFP-labeled Leishmania
Ready-to-use tools that support the in vitro evaluation of novel therapeutics.
C Diff Banana Broth™
Reduce HAI's with Hardy Diagnostics' C Diff Banana Broth for detection of C. difficile spores and vegetative cells from environmental samples without anaerobic systems with 100% specificity.
Vikki Mitchell Identification Services Manager at NCIMB
Within a GMP production facility, identification of bacterial isolates provides vital information - this article takes a look at 16s rDNA sequencing, the options available and when it is most appropriate to use them.
Accurate ATP Test Kits
Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is the first to receive an AOAC approval, following a study by NSF International.

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